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Q.  What do I use to kill the COVID-19

A.  Hydrogen peroxide was found to be effective with a concentration of .5%. Sodium hypochlorite 

      (NaOCl or NaClO), is a chemical found in bleach.   I also use surface disinfection  0.1% sodium

      hypochlorite, or with good ol’ C2H5OH (ethanol, better known to most as rubbing

      alcohol), is also a safe bet.  A potency of 62% to 71% is proving to  be most effective.   All of these

      options require an incubation time of 1 minute to do their job to break down the virus.   I also have

      UV lighting I use on during that 1 minute waiting time.

Q.  How much does it cost?

A.  The first hour is $120.  That includes arriving 15 minutes early for set up.  Each additional hour is 

      $80.  Be sure to schedule for sufficient time so that everyone can get painted.  I don't like to turn 

       kids away.  You are welcome to inquire if I can extend my time, for an extra fee, but there is no 

       guarantee that there is another event or responsibility demanding adherence to the agreed upon

       time frame.   CASH ONLY PLEASE.   Check can be excepting for larger jobs.  Balance due day of   

       service.  Deposit and cancellation fee may apply.  If you need to cancel please contact me asap. 

       Very rarely do I ask for this.  Depends on the situation. 

Q.  Is there a travel fee?

A.  A $20 travel fee will be added for events that are over 30 miles away.

Q.  How many kids can you paint in an hour?


A.   I average 10-35 paintings per hour.   Depending on the complexity of the designs chosen.  During

      large events I may need help ending my line.  

Q.  Are there times were you can not paint someone?


A   Yes,  I will not paint over soars, broken skin, severe acne, or if someone has a cold or runny nose.

Q   Allergy or skin reactions?


A   It is possible.  Even though I use FDA regulated paints, everyone is different.  Feel free to ask for a 

      test on the hand prior to painting or waiting in line.  I carry ingredients of all products at all time.  I

      am not responsible for any skin reactions.

Q.  What type of products are used?

A.  All the products I use are high quality FDA compliant and hypoallergenic.  The glitter and gems are

      cosmetic quality and safe around the eyes.  I keep everything clean with baby wipes and alcohol.

      The paints are made with antibacterial agents.

Q.  How is the makeup removed?

A.  Soap and water.  Use a damp washcloth to gently wipe away the paint and soap.  If any paint

      remain repeat the steps.

Q.  How much space is needed for setup?

A.  About 5x5 ft space.  I supply the table, directors chair for child and a board of designs.  For larger 

      events tent and 13 ft. advertisement flag can also be provided.

Q.  Do you have more than one painter?

A.  Yes, I have two wonderful artist that help me for larger events.  Both Caroline and Cynthia have 

      been painting with me for more than 6 years.  They both supply the same quality of paints and art 

      as I do.

Q.  Is it okay to take pictures and videos?

A.  YES!  Please do and feel free to share them on social media!  You can follow me on Facebook

      and Instagram

Q.  What is the busiest time of the year?

A.  October is the busiest time for any face painter. You can find me every weekend at Stuckmeyer's

      Farm in Fenton starting November 28, 2019 - October, 27, 2019.

Q.  Do you work on holidays?

A.  Yes, but the fee is a little higher than my normal rate.  It cost $160 per hour on holidays.

Q.  Easiest way to book?

A.  Text me at 314 - 306 -3637.

I love what I do.  I provide top quality service.  Let me add a bit of SPARKLE to your next event.


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